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Why arrange your buy-to-let mortgage through Hanno?

Thinking about renting out your old house or buying a rental property as an investment? Let Hanno arrange your buy-to-let mortgage in the Netherlands. We offer tailored advice for investment mortgages, fully independent and for a competitive fee.

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1. Tailored mortgage advice

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Getting a buy-to-let mortgage in the Netherlands doesn't have to be complicated. Our expat mortgage advisors will make you a tailor-made mortgage plan.

2. Fully independent

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We work fully independent and compare a lot of lenders who finance rental properties. This way we'll get you the buy-to-let mortgage that fits you the best.

3. Good advice, affordable fees

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We arrange the best fitting buy-to-let mortgage in the Netherlands for a competitive fee. Thanks to smart tools that smoothe the process of your application.

Tailored advice for your investment mortgage

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5 steps to your buy-to-let mortgage

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    1. Budget: how much can you borrow?

    free appointment gives you instant clarity about your budget.

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    2. Bid with our Mortgage Promise

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    3. Offer accepted? Your financial plan

    First we look at your financial situation, then at your mortgage.

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    4. Choose your mortgage lender

    Based on your mortgage plan we choose the best lender.

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    5. Mortgage secured, to the notary!

    We fix your mortgage from A to Z, you just have to sign the deed.

FAQ about expat investment mortgages in the Netherlands

There are many reasons to purchase a property for rental. Amongst our customers the most common reasons are:

  • building up assets for later
  • extra income in addition to your pension or salary
  • buying a home for a child or parents. 

Whatever your reason is, buying a home for rent (or buying a new home and renting out your old home) is seen as a smart investment. And financing up to five investment properties as a private individual is quite easy nowadays with a buy-to-let mortgage. As a private individual, you can take out a mortgage for renting up to 5 properties.

The rules for an investment mortgage are different than the rules for a residential mortgage. Most lenders who offer buy-to-let mortgages, let you finance up to five rental properties. 

You also need more savings for a buy-to-let mortgage. You may finance up to 90% of the value of your investment property in a rented state. However, most lenders let you borrow a maximum of 80% of this value. And it's possible to finance 50% of the investment property's value (in a rented state) with an interest only buy-to-let mortgage.

You'll have to pay a higher mortgage interest rate for a buy-to-let mortgage than for a residential mortgage. This is because the mortgage lender is at higher risk by lending you money for a rental property. For example, if the house is temporarily vacant you won't receive any rental income. And if you can't pay for the mortgage anymore, the lender has to sell the investment property. The selling price will then be lower because of the tenants. To cover these risks, you'll have to pay an interest surcharge of about 1% for a buy-to-let mortgage.

How much you're allowed to borrow for a rental mortgage depends on the rented home value, your income (salary or profits) and the expected rental income. Our mortgage advisors are happy to help you with a tailor-made calculation of your maximum buy-to-let mortgage in The Netherlands and the (expected) return.

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Nowadays it's easier to apply for an investment mortgage, because rental properties gained a lot of popularity. Amongst lenders for a buy-to-let mortgage there are well-known banks and a number of real estate parties, among others: ABN AMROINGLloyds BankRabobankWoonfondsNationale NederlandenHandelsbankenDomivestDynamic CreditNestrDe NederlandseNIBC and RNHB. Our mortgage advisors are happy to find out which lender has the best suiting investment mortgage for your situation. Independent, free and without obligation.

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