Fees mortgage advice

Fees mortgage advice

The best mortgage for a competitive price

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Simple and fast

  • Choose from 25+ mortgage lenders
  • Housing cost insurance
  • Mandatory term life insurance



Smooth moving

  • Choose from 25+ mortgage lenders
  • Housing cost insurance
  • Mandatory term life insurance
  • Bridge mortgage



Also at your own bank

  • Choose from 25+ mortgage lenders
  • Housing cost insurance
  • Interest mediation
  • Retirement inventory


*Please note that we charge an additional fee of 450,- for a mortgage advice for expats.

Why good mortgage advice isn't too expensive

The best mortgage...

Our fees are very competitive. You pay us less than other parties, yet we will give you a better mortgage advice. At Hanno you first get a complete financial advice, followed by an independent comparison of áll the mortgage lenders. That's how we secure the best mortgage for your personal situation.

...for a low and fixed price

We have a modern and efficient way of work, with smart technologies and online tools. With which you are able to upload your own documents correctly and save your mortgage advisor a lot of work. This way you only have to pay him for his advice. That's how we keep our prices down.

Get in touch

Do you have a question about our fees or do you want to book a free appointment? We're happy to help.

*Additional fees

Sometimes your mortgage advice is more complicated. In that case we will charge you an additional fee.

Additional fees

  • Bank guarantee 0,- 
  • Mandatory term life insurance 0,- 
  • Housing cost insurance 0,-  
  • Self-employed income 300,-
  • Starterslening SVN 300,-
  • Transitional arrangement investment mortgage 300.-
  • DGA income 450,-
  • Divorce 450,-
  • Mortgage for expats 450,- 

Other fees

  • Increase your mortgage 1.895,-
  • MortgageCheck 295,-. Personal check on interest mediation, remortgaging and ground rent.
  • Questions/advice maintaining current home 450,-
  • Houses to rent out, second homes, house with office space etc. 450,-
  • Self built house 450,-
  • Hourly fee 145,-. In special cases, when your mortgage advice takes us more time, you will have to pay an additional hourly fee. We will always discuss this in advance. 
  • Proposal costs. Sometimes mortgage lenders charge proposal costs. We will pass these costs on to you, without an additional fee.

Good to know

  • If Hanno doesn't have to mediate your mortgage at the lender, you get 395,- discount.
  • You never pay double. When more additional fees apply to you, please contact us for a personal proposal. 
  • When you start with a MortgageCheck and then get a full mortgage advice, we only charge the costs for your mortgage advice.
  • Your appointments take place on the phone or at our office. 
  • Share the documents we need for your mortgage advice as much as possible before your fee consultation. 
  • You don't have a negative BKR code.
  • Everybody is different. When your situation is different and our fees don't apply to you, your mortgage advisor with make you a personal offer. 

Hanno is registered at the AFM. You can find our official official documents and terms on our website (in Dutch!).

5 steps to your expat mortgage

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    1. First introduction on the phone

    You'll get a first impression of your mortgage opportunities. Together we can instantly make a rough estimate of your budget for buying a house. 

    Give us a call >>

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    2. Share your documents

    Upload the documents we need to prepare your free consultation. Like a salary specification or your income history when you're self-employed.

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    3. Free consultation with mortgage broker

    You'll discuss your financial situation and opportunities with your mortgage broker. After this you can act quickly when you'll find the perfect house. 

    Book an appointment >>

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    5. Mortgage secured, to the notary!

    After your offer on a house gets accepted, we'll move on to your mortgage advice. Together we'll find the perfect mortgage solution for your situation.

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    5. Mortgage secured, to the notary!

    We prepare your application and secure your mortgage at the lender. Then you're ready to go to the notary and signs the deeds. Congrats, the house is yours!

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