Dutch mortgage calculator

Dutch mortgage calculator

What's your budget to buy a Dutch house? Use our mortgage calculator to calculate your maximum mortgage in the Netherlands and your monthly mortgage payments.

Please note: this Dutch mortgage calculator for 2023 gives you an indication of your maximum mortgage. For a precise calculation, schedule a free appointment with our expat mortgage advisors.

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Beste Leon & Judith,

Hierbij het resultaat van jullie hypotheekberekening:

Jullie hypotheek

€ 320.357

Netto per maand

€ 1.052

Ingebracht eigen geld

€ 7.500

Jullie kunnen een huis kopen van

€ 337.500

Max hypotheek op inkomen:
€ 320.357
Inkomen Leon
€ 36.760
Inkomen Judith
€ 30.450
€ 750
Studieschuld Judith
€ 8.000
Netto per maand:
€ 1.052
Rente 2,05%
€ 561
€ 639
Bruto maandlast
€ 1.200
€ 149
Netto per maand
€ 1.052
Koopsom bestaande bouw
€ 337.500
€ 6.750
€ 3.000
€ 1.200
Bouwkundige keuring
€ 450
€ 350
€ 1.395
€ 350
€ 1.100
Aflossing roodstand, leningen en kredieten
€ 750
Totaal te financieren
€ 352.845
Maximaal hypotheek inkomen
€ 320.357
€ 25.000
Ingebracht eigen geld
€ 7.500
Saldo (overschot)
€ 12

Free consultation with a mortgage advisor

Dutch mortgage free appointment advisor

Buying a house in the Netherlands? Use our online home loan calculator and book a free appointment with our skilled advisors to discuss your options. They can provide you with a tailor-made mortgage calculation so you'll know exactly:

  • which amount you can borrow for a mortgage
  • your gross and net monthly mortgage cost 
  • how to fix your expat mortgage in the Netherland

Housing webinar 'How to buy a house'


Besides using our mortgage calculator, please join our webinar 'how to buy a house in the Netherlands'. We'll explain the Dutch house buying process and give you smart tips to improve your chances at the housing market. We'll discuss:

  • the status of the Dutch housing market
  • all the important steps of buying a house
  • smart tips for bidding and negotiating

Why use Hanno's Dutch mortgage calculator?

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How to get your Dutch mortgage in 5 steps

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    1. Budget: how much can you spend?

    A free appointment gives you instant clarity about your budget

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    2. Bid with the HypotheekBelofte

    This gives you a chance at a lower purchase price

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    3. Offer accepted? Personal finance plan

    First we look at your financial situation, then at your mortgage

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    4. Choose your mortgage lender

    Based on your mortgage plan we choose the best mortgage lender

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    5. Mortgage secured, to the notary!

    We fix the mortgage from A to Z, you sign the deed by the notary

More about your mortgage calculation

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Refinance your mortgage

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The best mortgage advice for a low fee

Hanno gets you the best Dutch mortgage for expats for a competitive fee. We give you a tailor-made mortgage advice and use advanced technology - like our online mortgage calculator - for your mortgage application. This way we don't wast time and money on administration, so we're able to charge you a much better price than other mortgage advisors. 

What's your budget for a house in the Netherlands?

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