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Buying a house in the Netherlands?

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Buying your own property in the Netherlands as an expat can seem challenging. The process probably differs from what you’re used to at home and with all the changes going on at the Dutch housing market you might wonder if it's wise to purchase a house in 2024.

To help you get started we organise a free webinar ‘how to buy a house in the Netherlands’, specifically tailored for expats. During the webinar our mortgage advisors and a real estate agent teach you everything you need to know about house buying in the Netherlands.

Webinar Agenda

* What all (foreign) buyers should know

* Actual market developments

* Rent? Buy? Or wait?

* Mortgage interest rates: trends and differences

* New tax rules 2024 for home owners (including investment properties)

* How to find your ideal property?

* The real estate agent: why you need one

* A winning bid: how to improve your chances

* Typical Dutch: how to avoid risks before signing a contract

* Smart tips for bidding

* How to qualify as an expat?

* Your maximum budget: loan to value and loan to income

* Applying for a Dutch mortgage: an overview

* Dutch mortgage providers: interest rates and loan conditions

*How to select the best Dutch mortgage (out of 150,000+ combinations)

* Public & private chat questions

(Chat is open during the entire webinar.)


Cees Vernooij: Hanno Founder & Industry Expert

Bram Bolman: Expat Mortgage Advisor

Marian Verhoef: Real Estate Agent

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